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Private Photography Lessons - Online or Face to Face.

Private Photography Lessons

Personalized (1-to-1) and online (live) photography lessons via Zoom or Skype. Private photography lessons are fully customizable. What this means is; you have the option to decide whatever topic you want to learn. However, if necessary, I can recommend that you start with different topics. If you can not decide which topics you want to start with, we can always have a 30 min free of charge consultation over Skype or Zoom or via audio call.

What you will learn

For in-person lessons, your lesson can be anything from field work, operating your camera, focusing techniques, filters, reading and interpreting a scene, composition, asset management, post processing – and everything in between. Online lessons are a little different. Virtual learning is truly a wonder of our modern age. Never before has it been easier to directly connect teachers and students anywhere on the globe. However, I don’t think all photography topics are best served by online classes.



Light/Lighting : Types of light/lighting, quality of light, reflection vb.
Aperture: Lens (lens size, macro, telephoto, wide angle, settings: f-stops…) Focal
point, depth of field (DoF) – deep, short, sharp, focused, blurred, vignette…
Shutter Speed: Exposure time, over/under exposed, motion blur, panning…
ISO: Film speed, light sensitivity, (higher sensitivity = grainier image), tonal range,
grain – coarse/fine, texture, contrast…
White Balance : Colour cast/temperature, colour accuracy, warm/cold…


The Visual Elements: Colour, Tone (light & dark), Texture (surface), Shapes, Forms, Patterns (repetition), Lines,
Composition: Layout, arrangement, organisation (of Visual Elements), selection,
cropping, containment/confinement (within frame), Leading the eye, Viewpoint, Balance, Harmony, Contrast, Tension, Foreground,middle ground, background, Rule of Thirds, Golden Section/Ratio, Depth of surface illusion…

Vision, Approach, Intent, Visual Language, Decisions, Aesthetics etc.

DIGITAL PROCESS:  Editing/post-process, How to approach editing, Organizing and Archiving, Establishing your portolio etc.

As you can see, there are many topics to learn. So, if you already know what topics you’d like to work on, that is perfect. If not; then book a free consultation with me and we can discuss and decide where to start together.


Private Photography Lessons - Online or Face to Face., Street Photography, Portrait, Turkey, Gaziantep, Black & White Portrait
Private Photography Lessons - Online or Face to Face., Portfolio review - How you should prepare your portfolio

How does it work?

When you’re ready to setup a lesson with me, here’s what happens:

  1. You book a block of lessons.
  2. During booking, pick the duration of the lessons you want to take. (You can always contact me later as well).
  3. I’ll reply via email (typically within 48 hours) and ask follow up questions, if any are needed.
  4. Together, we will craft lessons around your needs, and set a date & time for our lesson.
  5. Lesson time! We connect via Zoom or Skype, learn a bunch and have fun.


I will do my absolute best to teach you as much as possible during our time together. I want you to get the most value for your time and money.

Private Photography Lessons - Online or Face to Face.






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