Istanbul Photo Tour

A 4 hour street photo tour in the back streets of The Imperial Capital. As an imperial capital of 1500 years, Istanbul is a great opportunity for photographers who wants to hone their photography skills while witnessing the heritage of three great empires; Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman.

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Istanbul Street Photo Tour is a private photography walking tour lead by Istanbul Photographer Enis Yücel. Since it aims to be an instructive photo workshop tour for photographers from all levels, Istanbul Photo Tours is customized to your exact needs whether you are just a beginner to photography, an amateur photographer or an advance professional photographer who is willing to work on specific topics or themes.

In addition to photography instruction, you will learn about the history of the neighborhoods, architecture, and the culture of people that you are photographing.


~ what you will / can learn

Camera Usage

Camera settings & understanding basic functions of your camera. Shooting modes in your camera other then auto

Tips &Tricks

Street photography tips, tricks, and techniques. Ways of communicating with strangers. Capturing gestures, expressions, emotions.

Basics Of Photography

Basic understanding of exposure, composition and light (if needed). Composition techniques.

Guide Tips

Best locations to photograph iconic buildings & landmarks. Chance to see non-touristy streets and to communicate with locals.

frequently asked questions

~ find answers to most of your questions

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A workshop is an educational experience to help you improve your craft. A workshop is design to teach you new techniques in the field, teach you new techniques in a studio or teach you post-production and business skills.
For general purposes, I recommend that you carry one digital camera (or smart phones if you don’t own a digital camera). Any digital camera will work and any lens is enough to benefit from the workshop. If you have specific goals when joining a photo tour or workshop, please share this when you get in touch to book your toru/workshop.

the opinions

~ Hear what previous participants say

Rick Hayman photographing a craftsman in his atelier, Istanbul Photography Workshops
Two days with Enis
Rick Hyman
We came to Istanbul for the first time in our life. I love to take photos our travels for I knew photography would be an important part of our visit to Istanbul. As Ansel Adam’s said, getting a good photograph is about knowing where to stand. There are so many places to stand in Istanbul, I decided that booking time with a professional would be very helpful. I looked at Enis’s website. His work is captivating and compelling. So I reached out to Enis. He was very helpful and responsive via email. We discussed what I may enjoy to…
I am a photographer primarily interested in street photography and this was my first time in Istanbul. I connected with Enis Yücel and went for a photo-walk exploring the streets of Istanbul. I was overwhelmed with what Enis unfolded before me. He is a great photographer and guide and understands the little nuances of street photography very well. His knowledge of the city, people, history and culture was an added bonus. If you want to shoot the very soul of Istanbul, then Enis is your go to man without a second thought. I wish him the very best in life.
Amazing Photo & Culture Experience
Sasa Poldan & Valentina
Walking photography tour with Enis Yücel is exceptional event for every recommendation. We started before the sunrise, photographing and getting to know Istanbul. Enis is at the same time proficient photographer and excellent connoisseur of Istanbul from the perspective a of person who lives and works in that city. He guides you trough everything, from the general history of the town and the history of different buildings to explanation of street graffiti and moving on the streets. You could not find such photographic locations and views by yourselves…

photo tour gallery

~ take a look at some images from streets of Istanbul

Get an idea of what can be captured. The route of İstanbul Photo Tour changes according to the context of the tour and the customization we make with the participants.  Galleries include images from different neighbourhoods of Istanbul such as Golden Horn, Sultanahmet, Süleymaniye, Balat, Eminönü and Bosphorus.

Street Photography Tour, Unveiling Zeyrek, Balat and Fener's Imperial Heritage

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other tours & workshops

~ check out other photography workshops and tours

You can check out other instructive photography tours and workshops below. If you are looking for a tailor-made photography tour or workshop you can always write me without hesitation. 

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