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For the serious photographer
Explore a tailored photo tour, concentrating on specific theme and local daily life. This is the perfect choice if you seek a unique blend of storytelling and capturing the essence of daily routines in back streets of Istanbul.
Rick Hayman photographing a craftsman in his atelier, Istanbul Photography Workshops

Private Storytelling & Documentary


Duration is 4.5 Hrs


Suitable for All Levels


Documentary Photography :

Photographing Artisans in the Heart of Istanbul

This photo tour blends street photography and documentary photography for photographers who would like to add more in-depth stories to their portfolios. We will be walking in the back-streets of Istanbul but focusing more on the daily routines of the locals rather than the well-known monuments or attractions. In the old city of Istanbul, there are still a few craftsmen left who are working as casters, (casting & molding) and brass polishers in traditional ways. Ateliers of these craftsmen are located inside the hundred years old ‘Hans (inns)’ also known as caravanserai which was acting as accommodation, of the Ottoman Era.

These artisans, craftsmen, such as casters and polishers, whose practices are fading in the face of modernization are rare find. If you want to catch these artisans working with traditional casting and molding methods, you must contact me in advance so that I can guarantee this activity.

Booking Your Photo Tour

If you’re interested in a Istanbul private street photography  tour , send us a message to confirm Enis’s availability for your requested date(s). Once your dates are confirmed, they can be saved with a deposit.


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One-Day Istanbul Photo Tours

Half Day Tour

Unveiling Zeyrek, Balat & Fener's imperial heritage

Duration is 4.5 to 5 Hrs

Suitable for All Levels

5 hours of immersive street photography tour in three historical districts : Zeyrek, Balat and Fener... A photography experience that will leave you with a visual narrative of the city's dynamic cultural landscape.

Full Day Tour

Historical districts of ancient Istanbul

Duration is 8 Hrs

Suitable for All Levels

If interested in getting the most out of your photo tour then this 8 hours full day street photography tour is suitable for photographers who want to see and photograph the daily routine of locals of Istanbul in multiple districts by combining different routes.

Sunrise Tour

Photo Tour in Karaköy & Eminönü

Duration is 4 Hrs

Suitable for All Levels

Step into the enchanting realm of Istanbul, a metropolis where the allure of daybreak unveils its magic on the famed Galata Bridge and surrounding Karaköy, Eminönü and Sirkeci. Immerse yourself in the allure of our mesmerizing sunrise photo tour.

Sunset & Blue Hour Tour

Sunset & Blue Hour Photography Tour

Duration is 4-5 Hrs

Suitable for All Levels

As the sun gracefully descends on the western horizon, the capital of empires, Istanbul, undergoes a mesmerizing transformation. Cloaked in a unique attire, the city dons a warm yellow hue that gracefully transitions to rich red tones.






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