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Photography Portfolio Review

Evaluation of your own photographic work objectively can be frustrating and often puts you in a sense of uncertainty about your photographical ability. It takes an impartial and experienced eye to spot what strengths and weaknesses are present and then point out pathways to improvement.

This is a private online photography portfolio review of your selected images made online via Zoom or Skype. During this 2 hour review, I will be giving you constructive critism and feedback on your images to improve your photography.

What will you learn

A photography portfolio review session has not much in common with getting likes on social media. Indeed, being able to critize yourself can be a very valuable asset because understanding that your opinion is worth more than other people’s opinion will strengthen your sense of self-being while exploring your style.

Getting subjective response to your creative works is not an easy thing. Thinking that even hearing the responses of other people’s comments about our creative works can be a though thing to absorb. So it is important not to take things personally.

The photography portfolio review will cover some of the following aspects :

  • Valuable professional insight regarding your work.
  • Discussing image subject,  composition, visual story telling, insights about post-processing.
  • Professional constructive critism and advice to better your photography and advance your craft to next level.
  • The strength of your work and areas for improvement.
  • Understanding self-confidence in your own skills and abilities as a photographer and visual storyteller.

How does it work

There are 2 stages in this photography portfolio review :

1.Selecting and sending your portfolio

You can send the images you selected via WeTransfer or with a download link where I can download your images to my computer. The images should be in JPG format with a minimum of 2000px or a maximum of 3000px on the longer side. After receiving your images I will review each image carefully and take my notes on your work.

2.Online review

I will share my notes/feedbacks/constructive critism. The images you want to be reviewed should be sent to me 2 weeks prior to the scheduled online portfolio review so that I can have enough time to evaluate and review them before our online meeting.

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What you have to do

  • Package 1 €150

    Review of max 30 images / 1 hr / 1 on 1 via Zoom - Skype.

  • Package 2 €300

    Review of max 60 images / 2 hr / 1 on 1 via Zoom - Skype.

  • Package 3 €500

    Review of max 90 images / 3 hr / 1 on 1 via Zoom - Skype.






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