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Sunset & Blue Hour Photography Tour
As the sun gracefully descends on the western horizon, the capital of empires, Istanbul, undergoes a mesmerizing transformation. Cloaked in a unique attire, the city dons a warm yellow hue that gracefully transitions to rich red tones.
Istanbul Photography Tour, Soul of Istanbul - Blue Hour and Sunset photography

Private Sunset & Blue Hour Tour


Duration is 4-5 Hrs


Suitable for All Levels


These golden like colors reflected  to distinctive horn-like shape of the sea strait, explains why it is called Golden Horn by the poets. Golden Horn not only offers a picturesque panorama but also presents enchanting opportunities for photography enthusiasts such as silhouettes of fishermen on Galata Bridge, ferries carrying ht inhabitants from European side to Asian side or fisherman boats coming from Bosphorus and Marmara sea. 

While the celestial performance unfolds, the distant call to prayer, the Adhan, resonates from the historic mosques that surround you. This melodic invocation acts as a harmonious alarm clock, signaling the commencement of the dusk. The warm tones evolve swiftly into a spectrum of reds and pinks, eventually surrendering to the serene, darker blue canvas of the evening. Historical monuments and attractions are bathed in a soft illumination, casting a captivating glow over the city.

Sunset, Blue Hour Photography Tour Structure

Before the Photo Tour

A few days prior to the Sunrise and Blue Hour Photography Tour you will receive an PDF document which contains detailed instructions such as starting time, durations, locations, spots, subjects and places we will be visiting with sample images and instructions from photographical point of view, to give you a better, more detailed understanding of the tour.

Insights and Skill-Building Session

Sunset photography is a popular genre that involves capturing the beauty of the sun as it sets below the horizon. This type of photography often focuses on the warm and soft light produced during the golden hour, which occurs shortly before sunset. Remember, sunset photography is also about creativity and personal expression.

Blue hour photography refers to the period of time just before sunrise and after sunset when the natural light takes on a predominantly blue hue. This occurs because the sun is below the horizon, and indirect sunlight scatters in the Earth’s atmosphere, emphasizing cooler tones. Blue hour offers a unique and enchanting atmosphere for photography.

After we meet, we will have a short coffee break (30-40 min) to talk about sunset photography and blue hour photography.

  • discussing general guidelines in sunset and blue hour photography
  • what makes golden hour and blue hour special and why
  • importance of being ready in the location and your camera settings
  • its all about experimenting

During the tour: On-Location Sunset and Blue Hour Photography

After our short brief session we will start our on-location sunset and blue hour photography tour. We will be experimenting with various techniques, compositions, and locations to develop your unique style and capture powerful images during this magical time of day.

What will you learn during photo tour?

  • understand the golden hour and blue hour
  • create awereness of soft, warm, and diffused light that enhances the colors in the sky during golden hour
  • understand the light during blue hour and why it is ideal for capturing landscapes, cityscapes, and other scenes with a calm and soothing mood
  • creative experimentation with compositions, framing, and exposure settings.
  • learn to pay attention to composition elements such as foreground, middle ground, and background.
  • how to incorporate interesting elements like silhouettes, reflections, or natural features to create visually appealing images.
  • learn to include elements in your scenes during blue hour, such as city lights, reflections to enhance the visual appeal.
  • importance of location and why you should be ready in the location before the magic happens

Equipment Required

Any brand or model of camera is acceptable, whether it’s a compact, mirrorless, DSLR, or film camera. We extend a warm welcome to photographers using film as well. It is preferable to have a lens with a focal length approximately around 28 or 35mm (full-frame equivalent) or about 18 or 24mm (APS-C sensor). In the absence of a prime lens, a zoom lens will suffice. Tripod is not a must since we will not be working on long exposures and night photography but you are free to bring it if you are interested in making multiple exposures for exposure blending.


Family members and accompanying non-photographers

Inform us if you are accompanied by family member or a friend as an accompanying non-photographer during your tour and we will be discussing their participation together with you.

Booking Your Photo Tour

If you’re interested in a Istanbul private street photography  tour , send us a message to confirm Enis’s availability for your requested date(s). Once your dates are confirmed, they can be saved with a deposit.


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