Online Photo Project Review

Photography Project Review

If you have a complete, or near complete story/project, this Photography Project Review suit you best. I will not only narrow down your images to a presentation format (seldom you find people willing to look at more than 20-30 photographs on a story) but also will help you with the sequencing, which helps your story’s coherence.


What you will learn

A photo sequence means putting a bunch of pictures in the order the viewer will receive those images, it can be for a book, an exhibition walking tour, or just the reading order of a few photographs displayed on a wall. Let’s say you have 30 photos: how should you arrange them to have the most impact? Ordering your images also forces you to objectively rate them and prioritize your most recent work, instead of simply adding images to the end of the slideshow/portfolio, where fewer people will see them. Arranging images in a sequence will help you remove the superfluous and focus on the essential.

It’s also your job to manage the viewer’s expectations: placing great images first and poor images last (which is what many photographers do) can only set people up for disappointment. Strategically ordering images can maintain the viewer’s interest longer.

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