online portfolio review class

Photography Portfolio Review

Online Critique Class

Evaluation of your own photographic work objectively can be frustrating and often puts you in a sense of uncertainity about your photographical ability. It takes an impartial and experienced eye to spot what strengths and weaknesses are present and then point out pathways to improvement. This is a private online portfolio review of your selected images via Skype. During this 1 hour review, I will be giving you constructive critism and feedback on your images to improve your photography.

What will you get out of this 1-to-1 online review

After sending me your preferred images I will review them and take my notes on your work. We will then schedule a Skype session during which I will share my notes/feedbacks/constructive critism. The review will cover some of the following aspects : Image subject,  composition, visual story telling, insights about post-processing

Online Portofolio Review Class
Online Photo Portfolio Review

Participatory photography program for refugees as part of a Social Cohesion / © Enis Yücel

What you will gain from this portfolio review